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Strippergram: Hot GIRLS QUALITY

Thanks for arranging Paris and Jenna to perform at my mates bucks night. They were great, the guys have been talking about it ever since.
Regrds David


Hi guys..thankyou so much for making my sisters hen's night party one we will remember for along time to come , you guys were fantastic.
Regrds Lynn

Strippergram: Hot GIRLS RELIABLE

Thanks again for last weekend , Precious had us captivated throughout her show. My mates Bucks is a couple of months away, you will be hearing from us soon.
Cheers, Scott

Strippergram: Hot GUYS FUN

Just wanted to say a big thankyou to Dakota, Gennedy and Danny who made our night the best girl's night we had ever had.. Kerry the birthday girl has been talking about it ever since.
Thanks Kylie

Strippergram: Hot GIRLS SEXY

The double act your girls but on for us a couple weeks back in the city , can only be described as HOT.
Thanks again, Mitch

Strippergram: Hot GUYS HOT, HOT, HOT

Hi and thanks for a great night , Dakota, Gary, Tommy and Jeremy were very professional and danced the house down. They were all an absolute delight and kept us entertained throughout our evening.
Luv Jenny


Thanks again Michael for arranging the girls for my mate's bucks night. The waitresses were friendly and hot. Paris and Ellie's double show was sensational.
Thanks Kev

Strippergram: Hot GUYS PLAYFUL

My name is Karen and Dakota came and did a strip for us a few weeks back, we also had Justin and Lano as our waiters All the guys did a fantastic job, please pass our thanks onto them.
Cheers, Mel

Strippergram: Hot GIRLS SEDUCTIVE

Just wanted to send a quick thanks for last weekend. The girl's you sent to waitress and perform for us were not only gorgeous, but were friendly and professional,
thanks again Jeremy

Strippergram: Hot GUYS Yes, Yes, Yes.

The 4PLAY BOYS WERE GREAT. they made our Ladies night a huge success.We're looking forward to seeing you boys next month.
Heather (Bloc Nightclub)

strippers Newcastle strippers Newcastle

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